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CPD accredited sessions

These are delivered free of charge at a venue of your choice and cover 2 topics:

Plus Size Seating:
Prescribing seating for bariatric users can be difficult – there are many variables to consider including weight distribution, User measurements, pressure care and postural considerations.
This session will provide some helpful hints and tips for prescribing bariatric seating:

  • How to measure a bariatric user
  • How to accommodate a gluteal shelf
  • Discussion on different weight distributions
  • Pitfalls to avoid

Attendees will be given a checklist for use in their practice to ensure the most important points are covered when prescribing bariatric seating. A certificate of attendance is also issued.

Specialist Seating Selection:
This session deals with how to issue Specialist Seating in its various forms and includes the following points:

  • Reasons for issuing Specialist Seating
  • How to choose different chair categories
  • How to select chair accessories
  • How to measure for seating
  • Key user groups and conditions discussed

A competency questionnaire and certificate of attendance is provided.

Lunch can be provided for both these sessions – please ask!


Just want to say thank you again for your presentation. You gave me a lot more insight into that area which I hadn't worked with before. In particular seeing the differences in how we measure up 'plus size' users compared to normal sized was an eye opener

Occupational Therapist, London

The training and support offered by Accora to clinicians and stores personnel is excellent. This is also backed up by information on an outstanding website which clinicians can utilise for added support.

ICES Manager, South

Many thanks for your extremely useful workshop yesterday. It was so helpful to have an experience of the issues faced by Plus sized service users by wearing the suit and to have your advice about measuring. The new design for the chairs is exciting and we look forward to seeing the standard range coming out with the new specific tilt in space option. We have had positive feedback from everyone that attended and have also been contacted by people who were unable to attend, asking us if we can send them your presentation.

OT Manager, South West

The training was a real eye opener for us All who attended have stated that it was a really useful training session.

Operations Manager of Equipment Store

Really enjoyed the training yesterday thank you, it was really well presented and informative


I found this webinar useful and will be passing on the information to my colleagues and encourage them to use this service in the future. I do not require a chair assessment at present, but having the up to date information is very useful.

OT, North Scotland

I found it a great refresher but also an opportunity to catch up on latest changes to products.

OT, South West

It was useful to have examples of what worked and what didn’t and where it can go wrong.

OT, Somerset