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Accora Ltd is a leading manufacturer of specialist riser recliner seating, nursing beds and accessories, and floor level beds. We operate in the healthcare marketplace, creating and realising products for clinicians and care providers. We serve customers ranging from large public-sector organisations to small and medium businesses, both in UK and across the globe.

In our mission to deliver innovation and affordability in care provision we put users at the heart of everything we do. We also believe in enriching the lives of our customers, stakeholders and colleagues with exceptional customer experience and sustainable corporate strategy.













Code of Conduct

We uphold and maintain the values below – we don’t always get it right but hold us to them! 

  • Do what is right by the service user and healthcare professional every time
  • Remember that ultimately we’re here for the Service User
  • Exercise integrity in prescription – if our products will not meet the need and/or cannot be supported by exceptional customer service, make this clear and suggest an alternative supplier
  • Enrich lives in all our interactions with our stakeholders
  • Remember that money is secondary – profit is the applause we get for providing an excellent customer experience
  • Be proactive in responding to customer feedback and ideas
  • Understand that excellence is a journey not a destination. Always look for a better way and pursue continuous improvement
  • Be passionate about what we do and always go the extra mile
  • Be accountable in everything we do, keep every promise we make and explain why if we are not able to
  • Contribute to the wider community through charity giving
  • Invest in and develop our people and relationships with our stakeholders
  • Work hard and be positive
  • Enjoy what we do every day and greet customers with a smile
  • Never speak in a negative way about a customer or service user


Quality and sustainability

Quality Policy

Accora’s mission is to bring innovation and advancement to care provision. It does this by designing products to meet the needs of care home providers and healthcare clinicians.

The registered scope of the company is:

The supply, installation and maintenance of healthcare equipment and furniture.

Accora is registered to ISO 9001.


Our aim is to provide a quality service to customers and all stakeholders by committing to:

  • Meet regulatory requirements
  • Monitor and improve customer service
  • Provide quality, innovative products at affordable prices
  • Identify performance targets to continually improve the business
  • Regularly review and redirect the company in the light of external influences
  • Provide the physical resources needed to achieve the targets
  • Provide professional development of personnel
  • Recognise that continual improvement applies to all aspects of the organisation
  • Ensure that environmental factors are considered and monitored
  • Provide a safe working area by giving health and safety a high priority

The Company’s reputation for quality is safeguarded and enhanced through the implementation of a quality management system, which includes regular auditing of its processes to ensure compliance and improvement.

Management will set performance targets for the company to ensure that the above targets are reached. This policy will be communicated to staff, as the company recognises that everyone in the organisation is needed to maintain a quality company.


Environmental Policy

Accora supplies, installs and repairs innovative products for nursing home providers and healthcare clinicians. Products include furniture, nursing beds and care chairs.

Accora recognises that its business activities will have an impact on the environment, and is committed to reducing this by:

  • Continual improvement in its environmental performance
  • Preventing pollution
  • Compliance with all environmental legislation, regulations and relevant codes of practice

It is Accora’s policy to:

  • Make efficient use of natural resources by promoting recycling where possible
  • Meet its duty of care in the disposal of waste
  • Keep transport to a minimum and maintain vehicles in good condition
  • Work with suppliers to reduce their environmental impact
  • Minimise disruption through noise and nuisance to the local community
  • Establish systems and auditing procedures to ensure progress is made to reducing the environmental impact of the company

Management is committed to this policy. It recognises that the commitment of all staff is necessary and will regularly communicate the above aims to all staff.

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