01. Can the Configura® Rise & Recline Medium Low Profile be turned into a single motor chair?

Yes – by disconnecting the motor which controls the backrest recline. This is achieved by removing the middle socket from the control box which can be found underneath the chair. Please call Accora for instructions on how to do this.

02. Can the riser be disconnected on the Configura® Rise & Recline chair?

Yes – this can be done at point of order as a special by fitting a ‘Rise Control System’.

03. Can castor wheels be fitted to the Configura® Rise & Recline chair? How much are they and can they be retro fitted to the chair?

Yes, castors can be fitted by a competent technician. Cost is approximately £80.00. For safety reasons, we do not recommend castors to be used if the client uses the riser function.

04. What is the difference between the multi-adjustable pillow and lateral support backrest, and what are the advantages for my client?

Generally the Multi-adjustable Pillow Backrest is the most comfortable backrest. It is also the most adjustable because you can move the cushions up and down and remove stuffing from them as required.

The Multi-adjustable Pillow Backrest is for accommodating postural requirements and you adjust the seat depth with the Multi-adjustable Pillow Backrest.

The Lateral Support Backrest encourages a better midline sitting position. It is a firmer backrest and cannot be adjusted by taking stuffing out. It is constructed with a contoured block of foam. Extra adjustment can be provided with the ¼ depth adjustment which can change the angle of the backrest or provide more support on one side or the other.

The Adjustable Lateral Support System allows mild postural correction or management via adjustable Velcro-on lateral supports. This is effectively the Lateral Support Backrest with additional lateral supports.

05. Do you offer the chairs in a variety of colours?

No – the problem with extra colours is that from an Equipment Stores point of view, as soon as you introduce a new colour you halve the amount of configurability in terms of being able to change parts. A vinyl fabric is available however.

06. What is the height of the Configura® Rise & Recline chair when it is fully raised?

The height to the front of the seat when fully raised is approximately 550mm and the height of the back is approximately 760mm. In vertical rise, the chair rises by approximately 250mm.

07. What are the benefits of the height,¼ depth and depth adjustment kits?

The height adjustment kit increases the seat height by 2” (remember to extend the legrest section at the same time).The depth adjustment kit decreases the seat depth by 2” by means of extra packing behind the backrest cushions.The ¼ depth adjustment is normally used with the Lateral Support Backrest to change the angle of the backrest or provide more support on one side or the other. It is used by inserting it in the desired place between the backrest and the backrest cushions.

08. We are asked to explain what are the benefits of the Configura® range compared to our specialised chairs?

Adjustability after delivery, more postural options, more pressure care options, easy to clean, easy to re-issue and cheaper.

09. If my client’s hip width is 16” and the chair is 18” is this chair suitable?

Yes – we recommend at least 1” gap either side of the service user at their widest point. For the user group the Configura® is designed for, postural support should not normally be provided by the sides of the chair.

10. Is it possible to reverse the arms easily and what the benefits of this? If the arms are reversed how long does this process take?

Very easy – you just need a screwdriver and it will take about 3 minutes. This brings the armrests closer into the service user providing additional support. Great if the user relies on the armrests to keep stable and upright.

11. What is the weight capacity of the legrest on the Configura® Rise & Recline?

Approximately 9 stone.

12. Does the dual motor allow the legs to be controlled independently of the backrest?

The dual motor allows extra backrest recline. It does not de-couple the legrest and the tilt. With both the single motor tilt-in-space and the dual motor tilt-inspace, the legrest and the tilt are coupled and the chair only tilts once the legrest if fully elevated. Therefore, in both cases, the user must have good extension at the knees.

13. Can I increase the seat depth of the chair?

Yes – by removing stuffing from the Multi-adjustable Pillow Backrest. This cannot be done with the Lateral Support Backrest or the Adjustable Lateral Support System. The depth adjustment kit only allows reduction of the seat depth. Refer to the assessment form for more size information.

14. How far on the Cushionair cushions should I turn the dial to inflate it to the right position for the user?

Setting up of the Cushionair is primarily down to comfort. Experiment with the dial settings and find out which is the most comfortable for your user. Please phone for further details and an instruction manual on cushion set up.

15. Which cushion would be the most suitable for my client’s pressure sores? What are the benefits?

District Nurse or TVN input is important at this stage. We cannot ‘prescribe’ cushions. As a general rule however, the Cushionair should be selected for users who have already developed pressure damage and the Castellated, Visco and ViscoGel should be selected for users who are at risk but have no current pressure damage.

The Visco and ViscoGel cushions are heat sensitive and require some body heat to enable optimum immersion.

16. How far on the Cushionair should I turn the dial to inflate it to the right position for the client?

Setting up of the Cushionair is primarily down to comfort. Experiment with the dial settings and find out which is the most comfortable for your user.

17. Can the recline function on the Configura® Rise & Recline chair be switched off so the riser function works?

No – nor can the riser function be disconnected.

18. My service user is using a Configura® Rise & Recline Dual Motor and finds there is a big gap between the bottom cushion and the seat base – what can I do?

In this case the user has MS and always has the back slightly reclined to reduce chest ‘compression’. As it is always slightly reclined, a further bottom cushion can be placed at the bottom of the backrest (the other cushions will need raising slightly). This could not be done if the backrest is brought completely upright for some sitting positions – it would make the lumbar area too hard (as there would be two bottom cushions in the space of one).

19. Can you tell me how much the Cushionair pump on the Configura costs to run?

The pump is rated at 10W so will cost approx 20p per week to run – if it is running all the time.

20. Please could you tell me how often your chairs require servicing?

Good practice would be once a year. PAT testing is also generally annual, but will depend on their policy. Essentially there is no legal requirement for servicing, unlike hoists, but by servicing them once a year is generally good practice. It depends on your current policy for rise and recline chairs.

21. Can the Bariatric Tilt-in-Space be adjusted from a 16” to an 18” with height adjusters?

We have a frame that bolts on to the 16” to get the 18” high. We have fitted one up here. We would put a 2” height adjustment kit on the sidepieces to take up the gap.

22. What is the benefit of the Care Plus compared to the Care?

There are three key benefits 1) backrest recline for users with reduced range of movement at the hips, 2) seat height adjustment for users carrying out a stand aid transfer and 3) the ability to use a footplate and a legrest extension together for users who need their legs extended and who are at risk of foot drop.

23. When would I need to select the Configura Porter chair?

If the user needs some of the functionality of the Configura Rise & Recline and Configura Care – i.e. footplate and a riser function or portability and a riser function. In other words the user does not fit clearly into the category of the Rise & Recline or Configura Care.

Just want to say thank you again for your presentation. You gave me a lot more insight into that area which I hadn't worked with before. In particular seeing the differences in how we measure up 'plus size' users compared to normal sized was an eye opener

Occupational Therapist, London

The training and support offered by Accora to clinicians and stores personnel is excellent. This is also backed up by information on an outstanding website which clinicians can utilise for added support.

ICES Manager, South

Many thanks for your extremely useful workshop yesterday. It was so helpful to have an experience of the issues faced by Plus sized service users by wearing the suit and to have your advice about measuring. The new design for the chairs is exciting and we look forward to seeing the standard range coming out with the new specific tilt in space option. We have had positive feedback from everyone that attended and have also been contacted by people who were unable to attend, asking us if we can send them your presentation.

OT Manager, South West

The training was a real eye opener for us All who attended have stated that it was a really useful training session.

Operations Manager of Equipment Store

Really enjoyed the training yesterday thank you, it was really well presented and informative


I found this webinar useful and will be passing on the information to my colleagues and encourage them to use this service in the future. I do not require a chair assessment at present, but having the up to date information is very useful.

OT, North Scotland

I found it a great refresher but also an opportunity to catch up on latest changes to products.

OT, South West

It was useful to have examples of what worked and what didn’t and where it can go wrong.

OT, Somerset