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Accora Ltd is a leading manufacturer of specialist riser recliner seating, nursing beds and accessories, and floor level beds. We operate in the healthcare marketplace, creating and realising products for clinicians and care providers. We serve customers ranging from large public-sector organisations to small and medium businesses, both in UK and across the globe. In our mission to deliver innovation and affordability in care provision we put users at the heart of everything we do. We also believe in enriching the lives of our customers, stakeholders and colleagues with exceptional customer experience and sustainable corporate strategy.

We offer joint assessments at your client’s home for the Configura range of chairs. Our Product Specialists recommend the minimum specification to meet the clinical need of your service user and work up from that as directed by the prescriber. If we believe our products do not meet the clinical need, we will advise the prescriber and suggest an alternative supplier.

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Our Team

Contact our team to enquire about the range of our specialist rise and recline chairs and seating.




Richard Smith

Sales Manager

Richard Smith's commitment to you:

I will work hard to help prescribers meet their Service User’s seating needs via our team of product specialists and will be proactive in responding to customer queries. EMAIL ME




Daniel Smith

Account Manager

Daniel Smith's commitment to you:

I will work closely with all stakeholders to ensure the seating needs of service users are met and they are as comfortable as possible. I will also work with engineers and equipment stores to keep chairs working and staff up to date with technical changes. EMAIL ME












Nicholas Drake

FloorBed® Account Manager

Nicholas Drake's commitment to you:

My goal is to work closely with prescribers, managers, stores technicians and service users to ensure that seating needs within the borough are met efficiently and effectively. EMAIL ME





Matt Hamilton

Account Manager/Product Specialist South West

Tel: 07584 857 569

Matt Hamilton's commitment to you:

Committed and dedicated to helping the community. We are Accora! EMAIL ME












Scott Wheeler

Product Specialist Team Leader, East and Home Counties

Tel: 07867 473 198

Scott Wheeler's commitment to you:

I am a great believer in customer service and aim to deliver this at all times. EMAIL ME




Declan Moore

Product Specialist - Scotland

Tel: 07584 071 403

Declan Moore's commitment to you:

I will ensure to do the right thing for the service user and deliver the highest levels of support and customer service to clinicians. EMAIL ME











Curtis Farringdon

Product Specialist - South

Tel: 07939 842 420

Curtis Farringdon's commitment to you:

I will endeavour to provide the best service possible, keeping the service user at the heart of all that I do.



Michael Sadler

Product Specialist - West

Tel: 07399 584409

Michael Sadler's commitment to you:

I will do my utmost to provide great customer service, support and advice to all service users at all times.












Mark Hodges

Product Specialist - Midlands

Tel: 07584 560495

Mark Hodges' commitment to you:

I am committed to providing great customer service and advice in a timely manner, ensuring customer satisfaction both before and after our product is provided.



Mark Shires

Product Specialist - North

Tel: 07984 606491

Mark Shires' commitment to you:

I strive to provide the best customer service and expert advice in providing specialist seating to all our users.
















































We pride ourselves on delivering an excellent customer service experience.
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