Configura Porter Chair

Configura® Porter is a revolutionary new product which allows a level of functionality that has previously not been possible with specialist seating. For users with variable transfer methods and users with progressive conditions.


  • For moderate-severe postural requirements
  • Low-high risk pressure care requirements
  • 3 integrated, interchangeable pressure care options
  • 4 posture options
  • Adjustable seat width
  • Portable room to room
  • Lead time 2-3 days

Configura Porter is appropriate for:

  • Ambulant, semi-ambulant and non-ambulant users
  • Accommodation and encouragement of good posture
  • Users at some risk of pressure damage
  • Users with neurological conditions
  • Users with a kyphosis
  • Users with oedemas legs and/ or fluid build-up
  • Users who need to elevate feet above hips
  • Users who are at risk of foot drop
  • Users who need a riser function to transfer
  • Users with limited range of hip movement
  • Users with stiffness or fixtures at hips
  • Users with a limited extension at the knees
  • Users who need to be transported from room to room

Configura Porter is not appropriate for:

  • Demanding postural requirements
  • Bariatric users

Weight (please note these are approximate)

  Configura® Porter Small & Medium
Complete chair  68 kg

Overall Dimensions

In normal sitting  
Height  1100 mm
Width  690 mm
Depth  900 mm
Backrest height from seat base  75 cm (on 16" chair seat height)
  70 cm (on 18" chair seat height)

Floor to top of arms

570 mm
Arm height from seat base 190 mm
In tilt with backrest down  
Height 750 mm
Width 690 mm
Depth 1550 mm

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Depth Adjustment Kit


Cushionair option
Drop-in Overlay option


Lateral support
Lateral Support Backrest
Adjustable Lateral Support
Profiled Headrest